Bahir Dar Municipal Waste Management

Organisation (Stakeholder)

Bahir Dar City Council - Bahir Dar City Council


The Bahir Dar town Municipality has brought dramatically changes in solid waste management system by involving private companies in primary collection and transfer stations since 2009.  Before 2009 the municipality has put large containers for solid waste storage in different corners of the city and then transports the waste by its own vehicles to the damping site. This system brings high burden in its day to day activity, finance and of course the capacity. And to address this situation, the city administration has identified a clear need to assess the current practices of waste collection, transportation including quantification and characterization of waste generated from all sources.


Before 2009 financing of the MSW management was totally covered by the city administration. And the cost was incorporated in its annual budget; which was a big burden for the city administration but now this has been changed (after 2009) since the waste generators share the costs to some extent.   Currently the city administration has changed the fee system, rate and collection system. The old  fee system was the service providers was expected to collect the service fee from each house hold by their own ,now the service fee is included in water consumption bill and collected through, but those who do not in the water bill the door to door fee collection is applied.   


The document contains statistical data about waste composition, types of waste and waste collection in the city of Bahir Dar.Dream Light Solid Waste Management PLC is a public-private joint venture located in Bahir Dar that received support from the Local Economic Development (LED) Program.  A group of thirteen local youth initiated Dream Light in 2008, but it was with the commencement of the LED Program in Bahirdar in 2009 that the waste management firm benefited from a public-private dialogue and partnership. Dream Light now employs over 300 youth and women, who are mostly from the vulnerable members of the community.   Dream Light (Bahir Dar) received in 2012 the World Business and Devlopment Award (WBDA)  under the categories of small- and medium-sized enterprise and large organizations.The winners were recognized at a ceremony concluding the Business Action for Sustainable Development Business Day taking place during the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20).Dream Light PLC is engaged in collecting and recycling solid waste and from the waste producing bio-fuel, compost as well as smokeless briquettes for use by local communities.   The Awards recognize innovative business models that deliver both commercial success and help improve social, economic or environmental conditions.   

Lessons learnt

Now the town has data’s at hand about waste composition.In bahir dar town stake holders actively participate in Waste management. They participate through the forum established by initiation of Forum for Environment Ethiopia. They have regular meeting time and discuss about their achievement in accordance of their role in the forum. Till now they did a very nice job and brings change in waste management in the town.

Period of Implementation

Friday, 19. February 2016


Contact person

Zelalem Getahun


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  • Operation
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