Biogas generation in company producing dry tropical fruits

Organisation (Stakeholder)

Hpw Fresh & Dry Ltd Adeiso - Adeiso


The company is a produver of dry tropical fruits, processing pineapple, mango and coco nut with a throughput of approx. 20 to 25 tons of raw material per day. The company needs 15.000 kW of heat and 1.800 kW of electricity per day.


Since May 2011, the company operates two digesters to produce electric energy and heat, receiving about 3 m3 of biomass every two hours


  • The average gas produced per week is 7.600 m3
  • Reduction in the use of fossil fuel and electricity from the national grid
  • Own biogas provides about 50% of the heat needed for drying
  • Reduction in the emissions of greenhouse gases
  • Effluent is used as organic fertilizer on farms

Lessons learnt

  • Management of the organic waste system is a complex process that requires experience with the specific substrates
  • Installation and maintenance requires significant capital to secure sustainability of high quality equipment
  • Access to fresh cow dung remains a challenge

Period of Implementation

Monday, 15. February 2016


Contact person

Maik Blaser



Waste hierarchy

  • Fermentation

Waste type

  • Biomass

Area of intervention

  • Technology


Africa Western Africa



german cooperationFederal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Developmentsupported by The State Government of North Rhine-Westphalia