International Resource Panel presents study "Resource Efficiency: Potential and Economic Implications"

On the occasion of the G20 Opening Session on Resource Efficiency held in Berlin on March 16, 2017, Prof. Paul Ekins presented key findings of the report that was commissioned by the G7 as part of the outcomes of the G7 summit held on Schloss Elmau in June 2015.  The global population is set to grow by 28 per cent and is predicted to use 71 per cent more resources per capita by 2050. Without urgent steps to increase efficiency, the global use of metals, biomass, minerals such as sand, and other materials, will increase from 85 to 186 billion tonnes per year by 2050.The report found that while investment in ambitious climate action would cause a 3.7 per cent fall in per capita Gross World Product by 2050, this cost to the economy could be offset by more efficient use of resources. 


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