Net-Works: Recycling discarded fishing nets



Net-Works is an inclusive business model that collects discarded fishing nets throughcoastal communities and recycles them into carpet tile. This programme was madepossible through close partnerships and collaboration between Interface, one ofthe world’s largest manufacturers of commercial carpet tile; the Zoological Society ofLondon (ZSL), an international conservation charity, and Aquafil, a yarn producer andsupplier. Net-Works enables fishing communities in developing countries to sell waste netsback into a global supply chain.  Interface receives a fully recycled source of nylon for carpet tile production, andthe local community receives long-term incentives to protect their natural environment.To date, Net-Works has collected 66,860 kgs of discarded fishing nets across 14 collectionsites in The Philippines. As a simple description, these nets are enough to go aroundthe world over 1.5 times. If not collected, these nets can persist for centuries, taking  a serious toll on the environment and marine life. 


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