Country Report: Mauritania (2013)



The waste issue is a real problem in all cities of Mauritania, particularly, in the capital Nouakchott.
The study has shown that households produce an average of 0.5 kg / day per capita in urban areas and
0.3Kg in rural areas.
Waste management in Mauritania is a municipal responsibility, but the communities do not have sufficient
financial and human resources to deal with the problem. The city of Nouakchott provides a pickup and
waste collection service through the urban community that has contracted a French company for waste
management in the 9 districts of the city.
Generation of medical waste is estimated at 1,206 tons per year. Industrial, agricultural and medical wastes
are not supported by the strategy of waste management in the city of Nouakchott. Medical waste is often
incinerated on-site in various hospitals in the city or picked up by the company Pizzorno for the landfill.
Other wastes (industrial and agricultural) are similar to household waste. No provision is made to organize
this sector.

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