A Guide for Policy and Decision Makers on the Fiscal, Economic And Financial Aspects of solid waste management in the Mashreq and Maghreb countries



Given the problems and hazards resulting from the continued increase in solid waste and the absence of systems for its sustainable management in the Arab region, ten countries of the Maghreb and Mashreq
region, namely Egypt, Algeria, Jordan, Lebanon, Mauritania, Morocco, Palestine, Syria, Tunisia and Yemen decided to found a regional network for exchanging information and expertise in the field of waste Management under the name of SWEEP-Net. The network is supported by the German government through the German International Cooperation (GIZ), and the Tunisian government through the National Waste Management Agency (ANGed).
The network is working thoroughly to establish the principles of sustainable and integrated solid waste management (SWM) at the institutional level in all partner countries. One of the main objectives of SWEEPNet is to stimulate the exchange of best practices, experiences and expertise and regional cooperation in SWM between partner countries, through enforcing the role of experts, consulting firms, private investors, municipal representatives and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), research institutes, donors, ministries, public institutions, and other networks. The exchange of expertise between partner countries is done through technical support, strategic studies, the organization of seminars and training sessions, as well as field visits.
In this context, and given the importance of fiscal, financial and economic aspects of solid waste management, a regional working group (RWG) of experts and specialists from the public and private sectors was formed during SWEEP-Net’s First Regional Forum, which was held in Beirut in April 2011. This RWG was hosted by the ministry of environment in Lebanon, and discussed the above theme through:
- Exchanging documents,
- Evaluation of the techniques and experiences used in the various partner countries,
- Organization of field visits to inspect the ways of working in the centers established in the Arab countries,
- Organization of interactive workshops( chat sessions) on these themes,
- Exchanging other general information through workshops and meetings.

This guide is the result of the combined work of the regional working group on fiscal, financial and economic aspects of solid waste management, within the framework of SWEEP-Net activities in order to come out with a number of recommendations for decision makers and actors in this field.


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