High Quality composting from organic waste segregated at the source

Organisation (Stakeholder)

Jekora Ventures Ltd.


In countries like Ghana, up to 60% of the municipal waste is from organic material that is mixed with all other types of waste, let it be plastics, paper and cardboard, batteries, fluorescent tubes etc. The key problems coming out of such practice are threefold:

  1. The organic material dirties recyclables that as a consequence loose value.

  2. Organic material that is tipped on a landfill or dumpsite generates the greenhouse-gas methane, contributing to global climate change.

Organic material that is polluted for example by heavy metal from e-waste should not be used for agricultural purposes. Nevertheless, organic material segregated at landfill sites was used for composting, contributing to a negative image of the product.


Jekora Ventures operates in Osu Klottey Sub-metro area, Accra Metropolitan Area mainly in solid waste collection services but also in recycling plastic and paper, public toilet management and composting.

Based on a MoU September 2012: 9 commercial clients segregating waste at the source, supplying Ga-Mashie and Avenor compost plants November 2013: Partnership with EPA for Source Waste Segregation Programme within Ministerial Enclave

The clients that segregate the organic waste at the source get a discount on monthly fee as incentive. The organic waste is collected by a dedicated vehicle and driver for collection on a daily basis, early in the morning. Compost plant workers are trained youth from local community with periodic refreshers.


 ~ 1,077 MT / ~2,155 m3 diverted till February 2015 (23 months)

Potential to compost of 30% of Osu Klottey MSW which amounts to ~2,464 MT per month

Further potential to compost 30% of AMA MSW which amounts to 15,860 MT per month

Translates to 150,860 MT of compost to be used by farmers per year

Period of Implementation

Wednesday, 1. April 2015

Contact person

Akua Akyaa P. Nkrumah, Innovations Manager





Waste hierarchy

  • Composting

Waste type

  • Biomass


P.O. Box OS 42

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